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If your having a wildlife control issue and want to do it yourself because your a self starter, or financially unable to pay someone to do it for you - we are here to help! We have wildlife control products, DIY manuals, links to really good websites and of course a few links to local reputable companies.

Educate yourself - be safe when buying and hiring pro’s!

We understand. A Wildlife  issue is never fun

While we can point you in a known reputable direction - please use common sense when hiring a contractor or using a wildlife control product or recommendations in a manual! We have assembled some tips for hiring a professional...

Got an animal in a trap and need some advice what to do with it? We can help you decide what is the right thing to do - and help you find a pro if you decide to go that route.

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Finding the right trap, baits, and training when your under the stress of having to do something right now is not the same as being educated and prepared. We aim to help guide you in the same direction a seasoned pro might go or at least point you to one...

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Traps, Baits, and Training

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Just because you spotted an animal does not mean it is a nuisance animal. We are in New Orleans - get used to it - we have wildlife here - smile! Our New Orleans wildlife is awesome and thriving even after Katrina...

Should we rescue animals all the time?

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Own your own NWCO business? We can help you convert a DIY caller into more than just...

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Opossums, natures homeless people.

Trapping the elusive one!

Raccoon removal ABC’s

Bat removal made simple!

Pesky Squirrels - A how to.

Squirrel Removal Manual

Opossum Removal Manual

Armadillo Removal Manual

Raccoon Removal Manual

Bat Removal Manual- FREE PDF

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